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#pump.io is moving IRC networks

The pump.io project has maintained a #pump.io IRC channel since 2013. Until now that channel has happily existed on the Freenode IRC network, but due to the recent changes to Freenode, the prior arrangement has become untenable. Therefore, effective June 1st, 2021, the official, canonical home for pump.io's IRC presence is on Libera.Chat in the #pump.io channel.

Libera has extensive documentation for connecting to their network and we encourage everyone to move over to the Libera channel at your earliest convenience. In this interim period, the bot that bridges our XMPP room with our IRC channel has been configured to also bridge the Freenode channel with the Libera channel such that if you send a message in any of those three places (the XMPP room, Freenode channel, or Libera channel) it will show up in the other two. However, this bridging is provided on a best-effort basis - we can't commit to running it long-term, both because we expect that people will eventually abandon the Freenode channel as well as the fact that Freenode itself may force us to sever ties with them if they make another hostile move to seize channels who have migrated to Libera. Even aside from that, the Libera channel will provide a much better experience because things like nickname tab-completion will work.

#pump.io's friendly IRC bot, pumabot, has also been configured to connect to Libera instead of Freenode, and all relevant project documentation has been updated. Additionally we are in the process of getting officially registered with Libera, which opens up the possibility of having e.g. pump.io cloaks.

Thank you to the Freenode team for 8 wonderful years of IRC hosting - we really appreciate it, and we're so grateful that so many of you have moved to Libera to continue to support the FOSS community.

<strugee> INFO #pump.io
-ChanServ- Information on #pump.io:
-ChanServ- Founder    : evanpro
-ChanServ- Registered : Mar 24 18:34:29 2013 (8y 10w 0d ago)
-ChanServ- Mode lock  : +ntc-slk
-ChanServ- *** End of Info ***

See you all on the other side!